Downtown San Diego Brewery Tour

San Diego is well known for its craft beer. Over the past twenty years, small players have gone from upstart brewmasters to international legends.

In this beer tour in downtown San Diego, we'll go to some of the best-known breweries including Ballast Point and Stone Brewing. We'll be sure to have plenty of beer and food options along the way (and even a speakeasy) to keep you fueled. We'll stop by the old-school stalwart like Karl Strauss, a plucky bar at The Neighborhood (and its hidden speakeasy), and new addition Half Door Brewing.

This tour is definitely walkable for most, but if you tire of hoofing it, an Uber or taxi will get you to your next stop quickly and cheaply.

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Aaron Martlage


Growing up in the Midwest, high school in California's Silicon Valley, college in Boston, seven years in Philadelphia and finally calling San Diego home, I've literally traveled the world and explored our great cities. I lived briefly in southern Germany and a short stint in Budapest and travel to Europe at least once a year. I'm so excited to share Tourrs with you and the world!

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